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The benefits of a private jet

  • Save time

You no longer have to be at the airport hours in advance. 15-30 minutes in advance is fine.

  • No-hassle-guarantee

Everything is arranged for you, we ensure that you can board the plane directly and fly to your destination.

  • Flying at your own times

You decide at what time you want to fly instead of the other way around. You can also choose from thousands of airports.

  • 100% privacy

Complete privacy when flying with a private jet. You only fly with the people you choose yourself.

  • Luxury and freedom

A private jet offers you ultimate luxury and freedom. Flying with a private jet gives a feeling of enormous freedom.

  • Flexibility

In addition to the fact that you determine where the flight is going, you also determine at what time you want to fly.

  • Verhoogt je productiviteit

Already on the plane you can start a meeting or prepare yourself well for a conference.

  • Relaxed travel

Flying with a private jet gives you complete relaxation. The luxury and relaxation begin when you board.

Renting a private jet is the most ideal way to travel. Of course it is more expensive than a regular scheduled flight with an airline, but renting a private plane gives you the feeling of luxury & freedom.

When you rent a private aircraft, you decide with whom you fly. This can be a business trip with colleagues for a conference, other foreign appointment or with family traveling.

In addition, it can save a lot of time and therefore money when you rent a private jet instead of a regular flight. Especially when you want to fly abroad with a (large) group of people. You also avoid the often long queues & you are 100% sure that you have no delay. A private plane is waiting for you instead of the other way around. Renting a private jet is a great experience. You walk into the plane with your luggage without having to wait at customs or to arrive at the airport long in advance. It is ideal for a business trip, but also for a city trip or vacation. Once you have traveled on a private plane you no longer want anything else.

Choice of private planes

  • Large-Jet Private Jet

  • Prices from € 5.200,-
  • A large-jet aircraft is a very nice way to make an intercontinental flight with 8-14 people. The range of this aircraft is around 12000 km.

  • Perfect for intercontinental
  • Space for 14

  • Small-Jet Private Jet

  • Prices from € 4.200,-
  • A small-jet plane is ideal when you want to travel with slightly more people. A small jet aircraft is suitable for 5-8 people. The range is approximately 2900 km.

  • Perfect for city ​​trip
  • Space for 8

  • Light-Jet Private Jet

  • Prices from € 2.200,-
  • The light jet is a perfect option if you want to make a European flight, but want something more luxurious than a Turbo propeller plane. The range of a light jet is around 2000 km.

  • Perfect for luxury business trip
  • Space for 6

  • Turbo Proporer Private Jet

  • Prices from € 1.200,-
  • A turbo propeller aircraft is a good option for short distances. The range of this aircraft is limited to approximately 1500 km, but with this you can easily fly to London, Paris or Berlin.

  • Perfect for short distances
  • Space for 4

There may be several reasons why you could rent a private jet. For example, there are roughly two major choices, namely for business purposes or for private purposes. There are enough options to make a nice trip with family or friends. This can be for a sun holiday in Ibiza, but also a nice winter sport to Switzerland.

A business flight is also a common reason to use a private jet. It can save a lot of time to book a flight with your own jet instead of a regular flight. In addition, you can already start on the plane with the meeting or preparation of a conference or exhibition with colleagues.

There are also airports in the world where you cannot come with a regular plane. By using a smaller private aircraft you can still reach your destination quickly and easily.

In short, there may be several reasons to use a private jet, but it always provides more convenience, takes less time and is more relaxed than a regular scheduled flight with a "normal" airline.

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