How does it work?

You can book a private jet through A private jet offers you luxury and time savings. But you also don't want to pay too much for your private jet. We therefore ensure that you get the best deal.

In 3 easy steps you can request a quote via

Step 1: Select a destination & enter your flight details

In the first step you make the choice from which airport you want to fly and what the destination is. These can be all airports in the world. You also enter the date and time you want to fly. You also enter the number of passengers, based on which we determine the most suitable aircraft for your flight. Finally, enter your personal details.

Step 2: We will find the best deal for you

After we have received the flight details, we will ensure that a private jet is found that suits you and that is available at the time you choose, and we also try to get the best price for you.

Step 3: You receive a customized offer

A personal quotation is made for you that is tailored to your wishes. After you have requested a quote, you can decide whether you want to accept this. The offer is 100% free of obligation. You are therefore not committed to anything.